Academy Group


  • Come to our Academy, meet new people, have fun  and learn a new language.


  • Our Languages programs are divided into 6 levels.


  • Each level has a 10 week duration. 


  • Classes are held twice a week for a duration of 2 hours


         Mondays Wednesdays

       Tuesdays - Thursdays


       Saturdays (4 hours)


  • Our teaching method is conversational and focuses on real world situation.


  • Since our classes are small, students have more individual learning time with instructors.


  • Our text book has multiple learning features - online software, multimedia material, practice and grammar lessons the student can access anytime.


  • Participate in our special conversation clubs on Friday nights.



  • Click here to check our schedule  and register for your class.


My Group


Do you have a group of friends, family and neighbors who want to learn a new language together? 


Take classes at our Academy or at home!

Design the schedule and  goals according to your group needs.

Group Classes


For both beginners and advanced students, a group course offers an interactive learning environment, varied, and entertaining. These classes are twice a week, so they are compatible with tight work schedules.

We have two types of classes: