If you just want to reach a particular target language at your own pace, and your schedule requires flexibility, Academy LSA  has the perfect option for you.


  •  You set your own target.

  • The course is designed to suit your specific needs, whether you just want to acquire basic skills or prepare for specific situations, such as meetings, presentations, or travel.

  •  The course moves at your pace, and teachers concentrate fully on your specific needs.


  • You set the schedule according to your availability.


  • You decide where to take classes: at home or at the Academy.

  • Off-site classes may be subject to a surcharge due to travel costs.

Private Classes


6 Hour Membership

This membership will give you 6 hours of study.

This is a good start, no doubt.



12 Hour Membership

With this membership you are getting 12 hours of private classes: You are in the right path, defenitely.



24 Hour Membership

You want a longer commitment with your learning process. Way to go!